Artistic director, Zimfira Poloz featured in Most Magazine.

“Any child when they’re born they can cry in that high register. We all have it. My goal is to help children to remember this. It’s fascinating when it happens.”

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New boys choir program – Lads & Gents!

Open to all boys ages 8 to 28.

To sign up for the choir, contact us at or (905) 527 1618

The focus of Lads & Gents is to provide young male singers with an opportunity to explore their choral instrument within a safe, supportive environment, surrounded by other boys and young men. Treble male voices, many of whom sing within another HCC ensemble, learn alongside boys who are becoming tenors and basses as their voices change.

Lads & Gents provides an opportunity for boys to continue their vocal education during the changing voice period, explore repertoire crafted for mens’ voices, and enjoy the development of boys-only artistry and friendship.

We aim to create an impact beyond musicianship through nurturing independent, generous and open young men. Lads & Gents is available to all boys who wish to sing, regardless of their backgrounds, between the ages of 8 and 28.

Press release: Hamilton Children’s Choir’s first all-boys choir to debut in September