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Message from the executive director

The 2014-2015 season was one of great ambition, sparked by our 40th anniversary celebration. As with any significant milestone, Hamilton Children’s Choir grew older and wiser in many areas.

Each year in January, Zimfira Poloz, HCC’s Artistic Director, and I would develop a plan that will support her artistic programming vision while balancing the season’s budget. HCC overall business strategy is always focused on incorporating specific plans that will ensure its future

We are proud to report that HCC continues to thrive. The following charts demonstrate the growth of our organization in the past few years:

Annual Report - HCC 2016-money

*Fund Development includes grants (federal, provincial, municipal), donations (individual, corporate), sponsorship, and fundraising events
**Reserves are purposefully built to mitigate any unexpected economic downturns. It is advised to have a minimum of 3 months of operating expenses. The HCC reserve is currently at $48,000 and this reserve has grown on average by $3K per year.
*** Fundraising events include funds raised for both HCC operations and touring. 

To ensure the sustainability, the Board of Directors implements a 3-year strategic plan which includes three priorities: grow membership, increase revenue and build awareness. The numbers demonstrate that HCC is on the right track towards realizing those goals.

To be better at what we do, HCC needs to develop stronger fundraising strategies and approaches that would yield positive results. It is important as an organization we demonstrate that we are doing our part to raise money. In 2015-16 we conducted focus groups with choir parents to gather feedback and views on fundraising. It is our goal to improve in this area and we look forward to incorporating some of the ideas shared and for the opportunity to work with you, our stakeholders, to implement a better fundraising strategy. Stay tuned as more
information will be coming your way on how we can work together to achieve more positive results.

It is my personal goal, as the Executive Director, to ensure there is continued growth of HCC as we work together to create life-changing music opportunities for our choristers.

Success is something that can only be achieved if we work together!

Patricia LeClair

Message from the artistic director

I am so proud of what we accomplished artistically in 2014-15 season!

We launched our Lads & Gents program to give young male singers the opportunity to sing together with their peers and more importantly be able to continue singing while going through the vocal transitions. This program has always been a part of my bigger artistic vision of which I am so pleased we were able to realize.

Our choral programming continues to grow in numbers and caliber. This is only possible with a skilled and talented artistic team who are all dedicated to ensuring each chorister has a positive experience, feel safe within their learning environment while still being challenged as they develop as singers. I am a big believer that each child has potential as ‘excellence has no age.’ Our dynamic approach to music has assured long-term benefits for each chorister.

While travelling around the world and working with other children’s choir organizations, it is obvious to me the Hamilton Children’s Choir is very special. Artistically, we are open to new and unique ways to present choral music. Our reputation as one of the world’s leading children and youth choral organization is not only because of our music education and performance standards, but also because of HCC’s ability to be flexible when responding to different guest performance opportunities. Opportunities for choristers included the Pan Am Closing Ceremonies performance and Apocolypsis as part of the Luminato Festival in Toronto. As an Artistic Director, I will continue to respond to these high-profile events so our choristers have as many special opportunities as possible.

Finally, the 2014-15 was our 40th anniversary year. While our plans were an ambitious, I am so pleased with the outcomes. Hosting guest performers, Rajaton and TorQ, made our 40th anniversary concerts very special. They motivated and inspired our choristers. A special thank you to all of those individuals who helped make our 40th anniversary celebrations a memorable one.

We are not perfect. Each season offers so much to be learned from and offers insight on how we, the HCC artistic team, can improve our choral music education techniques and performances. With a continued emphasis to offer life-changing musical experiences for our choristers, we have attempted new methods when presenting choral music, as seen in our recent Home Alone-inspired holiday concert. Incorporating theatrical-based and a multi-arts approach to performing choral music is my dream. We will build on this as we plan our concert
series in the future.

Choir parents, the ongoing success HCC experiences are really because of your commitment and support. We are so grateful for your efforts. I am committed to ensuring each that chorister has, as best possible and the most memorable choir experience of their lives. Your children are all so special to me and will continue to be in many years to come.

Thank you!
Zimfira Poloz

2014-15 accomplishments

  •  Launched Lads & Gents program, HCC’s male-only choir
  • 25 guest performance appearances; earned $17,500 in performance fees
  • Presented four HCC concerts including two Holiday Concert performances (matinee & evening), Spring Concert, 40th Anniversary Can You Feel It’ Concert,
  • High-profile performance opportunities included Apocolypsis (June 2015), Pan Am Closing
    Ceremony (July 2015)
  • 40th Anniversary ‘MUSIC MATTERS’ Free School Concert attended by 1900 singers.
  • Polyfollia Festival Tour in France
  • Offered $14,400 in financial support in response to 35 Financial Award applications
  • 40th anniversary CD produced and sold
  • Increased municipal funding (City of Hamilton) from $1,649 to $35,000
  • $50,000 in Ontario Trillium Funding was awarded

Special thank you to Elfreida & Vern Heinrichs of the Heinrich’s Foundation, for becoming a new financial supporter of Hamilton Children’s Choir.

Annual Report - HCC 2016-thnak you