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Young Voices

HCC just iluminiaiFeaturing choirs Komenci, Esplori, Esprimas

KomenciSnow is Falling by John Beckwith

Apple Tree Wassail by Stephen Hatfield
Take a Step by Stephen Hatfield
Murasame by Victor C. Johnson
Will There Really Be a “Morning”? by Craig Hella Johnson

EsploriWinds by Larysa Kuzmenko



Artistic team:
Melanie Tellez, Conductor
Tatiana Korotkova, Conductor
Larisa Gulenco, Accompanist
Laura Pin, Accompanist

Brighten: Music to Inspire

HCC just ilumini

Featuring choir, Ilumini

Ave Maria by Cesar Alejandro Carrillo
Pakkanen by Soila Sariola
Las Amarillas by Stephen Hatfield
Gamelan by R. Murray Schafer
Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, arr. by J. Hilchey, M. Quinlan
Eternity by Michel Bojensen

Artistic team:
Zimfira Poloz, Conductor
Shawn Grenke, Accompanist
Luke Pomorski, Cellist


 Snow Angel

HCC Snow Angel coverFeaturing choir, Ilumini

SNOW ANGEL by Sarah Quartel

Snow Angel is a multi-movement choral work by Canadian composer Sarah Quartel. Snow Angel joins song with narrative to weave together a powerful story of love and light, rebirth and rejuvenation and aptly highlights the capacity for strength in a child’s voice. The narrative speaks of angels, and shows humankind from their perspective, as they ache to make a difference in the lives they watch unfolding beneath their heavenly gaze flapper.


I. Prologue
II. Creatures of Light
III.God Will Give Orders, IV. Sweet Child
V. Snow Angel

Artistic team:
Zimfira Poloz, Conductor
Shawn Grenke, Accompanist
Luke Pomorski, Cellist

2015 Toronto Pan Am closing ceremony – Shine Your Light

12th International Youth Choir Festival in South Korea (August 2014)



With Metric in The Hour

CBC Choral Competition