Donors & Funders

Please Note: This list reflects contributions received in the 2022/23 Season. It is updated annually in January.

Government & Foundations

CHML Children’s Fund
City of Hamilton
Hamilton Community Foundation
Incite Foundation for the Arts
J.P. Bickell Foundation
Ontario Arts Council
Patrick J. McNally Charitable Foundation
Servomation Inc.



Lionel & Wendy Teed

$1,000 to $9,999.99

Amy Stevenson
Donald Kendrick

Peter Drake
Roman & Barbara Humeniuk
Suzanne Shulman

$500 to $999.99

J Barry McIsacc
James Lefebvre
John Wheeler

Julie Ludwig
Katrin Conen
Lisa Di Veto

$250 to $499.99

Bernard & Carolyn Goward
Beth Anderson
David Conen
Elizabeth Hutchison
Elsje Zwart
Helen Fernando
James Roy
Jamie Drake
Jennifer Hompoth

Joel Peneycad
Judy Marsales
Kari Lindsay
Melanie Tellez
Pradeep Navaratna
Sandra Alvarez
Sarah Trend
Stella Ogundipe
Suranganie Kumaranayake

$100 to $249.99

Alex Adronov
Andrea Unger
Anna Rozenberg
Anna Wojcicka
Anthony Evans
Ayethida Khine
Barbara Southall
Bethany Ricker
Betty Bechtel
Beverly Bronte-Tinkew
Beverly Leslie
Bob Jonkman
Caitlin Fralick
Catherine Oliver
Christina Wang
Christine O’Connor
Dawn Rosser
Dayna Firth
Don & Jennifer Wray
Donald & Jennifer Wray
Emily Copps
Emily Wray
Erin Pettit
Evelyn de Mos
Evelyn Veale
Fazilat Ishkanian
George Formandl
Gillian Goward
Helena Alexander
J .G. Wakefield
Jane Yuan
Janet Marlin
Janet McNally
Jeffrey Zhang
Jennifer Early
Jennifer McNally

Jim & Margaret McLaren
John McNally
John Hutchison
Joyann Kruizinga
Julie McLaren
Julie Shea
Julita C Link
Kari Babinetz
Ken Richardson
Kim Thompson
Leonard Ratzlaff
Leosdani Lima Cazorla
Lisa Hunter
Marg Resney
Marilyn G. Anderson
Mark Russom
Marta & Bill Vandermarel
Mary Gauld
Menik Anthonypillai
Ming Cheung
Nathaniel Broughton
Nihal Kappagoda
Pamela Carpenter
Patricia LeClair
Paul Lakin
Prasanna Kumaranayake
Ranmalee Kulendran
Rebecca Edward
Rebecca Hartley
Robert Van Wyck
Rosalia Villarica
Ruth Smart
Sally Hutchison
Susan & Iain Howieson
Susan Roberts
Tanuri Kulendran
Veronica Allison
Victoria Newell
Virginia Aksan
Walter and Audrey Frolic
Yvonne Sell

Up to $99.99

Alex Wiebenga
Alicia Nault
Alissa Bender
Alyssa Lai
Amy Li
Andrea Perez
Andrew Baerg
Anna Conen
Anna Maria Tancredi
Audrey Frolic
Avian Yuen
Baiba Bredovskis
Barb Castellan
Bernie and Winnie Wiebs
Bob Wojtowicz
Brent Fifield
Carman Curtis
Carolyn Elzinga
Cecile De Medeiros
Claire Wiersma
Dan Wang
David Kingma
Deborah Redwood
Debra Cairns
Debra Janzen
Delia Socorro
Diane Murray-Charrett
Dirk & Gerri Windhorst
Dorothea Manson
Dorothy Gruggen
E. Kimber Johnston
Emily Hogeveen
Fozia Boivin
Gaynor Low
Gerald & Sharon Kodde
Gillian Alexander
Glenn Fletcher
Gwynneth Simpson
Heather Wray
Hector Alvarez Urbina
Henrietta Williams-Stieva
Hugh Wang
James Jonkman
James Kropf
Jamie Stieva
JC Manzano
Jeonghee Kim
Joanna Kirkwood
John Beaver
John Prowse
Jonathan Richardson
Josina Jones

Julie Brown
Kate Boose
Kathleen Loveless
Ken Sweeney
Kristina Chavez
Lesley Kingham
Leslie Zahoruk
Li Hong Cai
Linda Jeffrey
Linda Pillinini
Loida Diaz de Jesus
Madisyn Villarica
Maela Villarica
Mara Bredovskis
Margot Smart
Marlyn Parkinson-Crump
Martha Reynolds
Marty Grigg
Mary Burnett
Meredith Shepherd
Michael Ferrel
Michael Hogeveen
Michael Larsh
Mikhail Adronov
Morris Nardi
Neha Arora
Nicola Winstanley
Paula Dydynski
Perry Cavarzan
Peter Malysewich
Prasanthika Perera
Rachael King
Rebecca Frerotte
Revd Eleanor Caruana
Richard Bull
Robert Jonkman
Robert Lambert
RoseMarie Baker
Sara Brice-Elion
Sarah Barr
Sarah Griffiths
Sharon Muir
Sheila Shen
Shirley MacDougall
Stacey Patterson
Steven Zhang
Susan Cresswell
Susan Grieve
Susan Johnson
Terry Wegemer
Theresa LeClair
Tim and Karen Marlin
Treena Watts
Victoria Berkeley
Wendy Colyn

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  • Ashley Carpenter, Alumna
    I feel so honoured to be a chorister with the HCC. It has opened up my learning capabilities and allowed me to express myself artistically in an amazing environment.
    Ashley Carpenter, Alumna
  • Sarah Davis, Alumna
    I credit being part of the choir assisting me in my career path, giving me confidence in front of groups of people and giving me the ability to be successful and grow quickly in my roles.
    Sarah Davis, Alumna
  • Alyssa LeClair, Alumna
    What the HCC does best is give people who are feeling like they don’t belong a place to express themselves, and as a young artist… that’s truly invaluable.
    Alyssa LeClair, Alumna
  • Nathan Fledderus, Chorister
    Through the HCC, I’ve made so many strong friendships and advanced musically to a level I never thought I could. The HCC is a safe learning environment in which choristers and director learn more than just music, which is brought together by a common goal.
    Nathan Fledderus, Chorister
  • Ardra Shephard, Alumna
    The ways in which my years as part of the HCC have affected my life and who I am today are too manifold to count. HCC was the most influential experience of my teenage years and I am incredibly grateful for it.
    Ardra Shephard, Alumna
  • Erica Charles, Alumna
    There’s a perfect balance of discipline, work ethic, fun, and creativity that’s encouraged within this group. You learn how to pull together as a team: both musically and intellectually. You succeed alongside one another. You encourage each other’s highs and are there for one another for the lows. You literally learn how to breathe together: what could be more magical than that?
    Erica Charles, Alumna
  • Sophia Brohman, Chorister
    When I joined the HCC, suddenly there was a whole room of people who felt the exact same way I did when I was singing.
    Sophia Brohman, Chorister