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Hamilton City Enrichment Fund
Hamilton Community Foundation: Alan & Marlies Clark Fund
incite Foundation for the Arts
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Small Business Fund
Ontario Trillium Foundation



Lionel & Wendy Teed

$1,000 to $4,999.99

Virginia Aksan
S. Garach Dentistry
Roman & Barbara Humeniuk
Catherine Krasnik
J. Barry McIsaac

Janet Mowat
Suzanne Shulman & Peter Rosenbaum
John Wheeler
Estate of Teresa Danuta Sheehan

$500 to $999.99

Beverly Bronte -Tinkew
Lisa Di Veto
Peter Drake

Andrea Unger
Evelyn Veale
Elsje Zwart

$250 to $499.99

Betty Bechtel
Jane Earle
Tammi Hensch
Sarah Hutchison
Julie Ludwig
Susan & Robert Roberts

James Roy
Klara Unger-Staniscia
Kenneth & Mae Watson
Ruby Weresch
Rebecca Zak

$100 to $249.99

Ikeola Akinsooto
Jean Ashworth Bartle
Eric Bosch
David Bradley
Baiba Bredovskis
Susan Bulger
Cecile De Medeiros
Jamie Drake
Helen & Patrick Fernando
Brent Fifield
George Formandl
Susan Grieve
Elfrieda & Vern Heinrichs
Nancy Hodson
Stephen Johnson
Alyssa Lai
Dorthea Manson
James McLaren
Janet McNally

John McNally
Barbara Mihowich
Robert Missen
Erin Pettit
Matthew Pickfield
Peter & Susan Plewes
Wade Poziomka
Marg Resney
Jemm Roberts
Wendy Schmidt
Arda Shephard
Barbara Southall
Robert Van Wyck
Lisa Violo
J. G. Wakefield
Donald & Jennifer Wray
Sheryl Wu
Jeffrey Zhang

Up to $99.99

Mary Kay Aird
Carole Anderson
Lynn Austin
Linda Blunsdon
Joyce Boon
Mara Bredovskis
Nathaniel Broughton
Keira Brown
Richard Bull
Mary Burnett
Barb Castellan
Ted Charuk
Margaret Cuthill
Sarah Dutson
Glenn Fletcher
Liz Foster
Audrey Frolic
Mary Gauld
Marta Gimon
Dorothy Gruggen
Orin Isaacs
Deb Jeffrey

Wendy Jones
Josina Jones
Lyle & Susan Kett
Wei Lei
Gaynor Low
Harold Ludwig
Samantha Lycklama
Gosia McCarroll
Jim & Margaret McLaren
Slavica Mogic
Morris Nardi
Victoria Newell
Linda Pillinini
Danielle Reale
Carole Rogler
Stephen Sell
Gwynneth Simpson
Kathy Syrett
Kim Thompson
Vera Tseitlina
Heatger Wlodarczyk
Jackie Wright
Ying Yue

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  • Ashley Carpenter, Alumna
    I feel so honoured to be a chorister with the HCC. It has opened up my learning capabilities and allowed me to express myself artistically in an amazing environment.
    Ashley Carpenter, Alumna
  • Sarah Davis, Alumna
    I credit being part of the choir assisting me in my career path, giving me confidence in front of groups of people and giving me the ability to be successful and grow quickly in my roles.
    Sarah Davis, Alumna
  • Alyssa LeClair, Alumna
    What the HCC does best is give people who are feeling like they don’t belong a place to express themselves, and as a young artist… that’s truly invaluable.
    Alyssa LeClair, Alumna
  • Nathan Fledderus, Chorister
    Through the HCC, I’ve made so many strong friendships and advanced musically to a level I never thought I could. The HCC is a safe learning environment in which choristers and director learn more than just music, which is brought together by a common goal.
    Nathan Fledderus, Chorister
  • Ardra Shephard, Alumna
    The ways in which my years as part of the HCC have affected my life and who I am today are too manifold to count. HCC was the most influential experience of my teenage years and I am incredibly grateful for it.
    Ardra Shephard, Alumna
  • Erica Charles, Alumna
    There’s a perfect balance of discipline, work ethic, fun, and creativity that’s encouraged within this group. You learn how to pull together as a team: both musically and intellectually. You succeed alongside one another. You encourage each other’s highs and are there for one another for the lows. You literally learn how to breathe together: what could be more magical than that?
    Erica Charles, Alumna
  • Sophia Brohman, Chorister
    When I joined the HCC, suddenly there was a whole room of people who felt the exact same way I did when I was singing.
    Sophia Brohman, Chorister