Once youngsters can read, they are ready to truly “begin” their musical journey with HCC. This primary ensemble provides a child’s first exposure to ensemble singing. Children are taught the foundations of music-making in a joyful and expressive environment.

Singers are introduced to basic concepts of vocal production, sight-singing, ear training and theory. Through the use of canons, folk songs, musical games, unison and 2-part songs, young singers will develop an understanding of their individual musical and vocal abilities and how to use these skills in a choral context. This choir includes performances and guest workshops. 

To take part in Komenci, we invite you to book a 15-minute vocal assessment with our friendly artistic staff.
Wednesdays 6:15PM-7:30PM
St. Paul’s United Church
29 Park St W, Dundas, ON L9H 1X3
Artistic Staff
Melanie Tellez, Conductor
Caitlyn Breukelman, Associate Conductor
Brent Fifield, Collaborative Pianist
Jamie Drake, Collaborative Percussionist

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  • Ashley Carpenter, Alumna
    I feel so honoured to be a chorister with the HCC. It has opened up my learning capabilities and allowed me to express myself artistically in an amazing environment.
    Ashley Carpenter, Alumna
  • Sarah Davis, Alumna
    I credit being part of the choir assisting me in my career path, giving me confidence in front of groups of people and giving me the ability to be successful and grow quickly in my roles.
    Sarah Davis, Alumna
  • Alyssa LeClair, Alumna
    What the HCC does best is give people who are feeling like they don’t belong a place to express themselves, and as a young artist… that’s truly invaluable.
    Alyssa LeClair, Alumna
  • Nathan Fledderus, Chorister
    Through the HCC, I’ve made so many strong friendships and advanced musically to a level I never thought I could. The HCC is a safe learning environment in which choristers and director learn more than just music, which is brought together by a common goal.
    Nathan Fledderus, Chorister
  • Ardra Shephard, Alumna
    The ways in which my years as part of the HCC have affected my life and who I am today are too manifold to count. HCC was the most influential experience of my teenage years and I am incredibly grateful for it.
    Ardra Shephard, Alumna
  • Erica Charles, Alumna
    There’s a perfect balance of discipline, work ethic, fun, and creativity that’s encouraged within this group. You learn how to pull together as a team: both musically and intellectually. You succeed alongside one another. You encourage each other’s highs and are there for one another for the lows. You literally learn how to breathe together: what could be more magical than that?
    Erica Charles, Alumna
  • Sophia Brohman, Chorister
    When I joined the HCC, suddenly there was a whole room of people who felt the exact same way I did when I was singing.
    Sophia Brohman, Chorister