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Our success stories

9 May 2024

Join us for Begin Again!

We’re pleased to announce our next performance, Begin Again! This Ilumini feature concert invites you to embrace the unconcluded. We will be joined by special guests, […]
6 May 2024

HCC Announces Next Executive Director

If you joined us at our concert this past weekend, you learned some exciting news. Hamilton Children’s Choir is pleased to announce its next Executive Director, […]
18 April 2024

Singathon 2024!

Next week is a very exciting week here at HCC! From April 22-25, our choirs will be embarking on a Singathon! This is a longstanding tradition […]
4 April 2024

Spring Concert tickets are on sale now!

Get ready for our Spring Concert: Howl Into the Moonlight! Tickets are officially on sale now! Join us as we celebrate the beauty of human nature’s […]