All Young People Deserve to Make Music:

Welcome to HCC’s Music Resource Hub, supported by Ontario Trillium Foundation

In 2020, HCC was the recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Seed Grant, which has allowed us to design, produce and share music resources online. Our hope is that these accessible resources can help young singers (and their teachers!) whether they’re learning in a classroom, choir, or virtual setting.

How It Works

We have divided our resources into 3 modules. Each module includes: warm-ups that develop vocal tone and musicianship, some of our favorite HCC “Little Ditties”, which are voice builders that often include actions and performance suggestions, as well as theory pages (available within a workbook or as individual pages) and sight-singing exercises. These exercises are delivered and shared through video recordings, audio recordings (streamable and downloadable), and PDF scores and workbooks. 

Looking for something specific?

In Module 1, young singers are introduced to music through literacy (notation, solfa syllables and rhythmic patterning), and vocal technique through warm-ups and simple songs.
(Ages 6 and up can begin here!)

Module 2 will briefly review the introductory material from Module 1, and then deepen the exploration of music literacy through expanded solfa sequentials, more in-depth theory lessons, and intermediate-level warm-ups and ditties.

Module 3 assumes a strong foundation in reading notes and rhythms, and fluency in solfa syllables. In this module, singers will learn about key signatures, intervals, and explore more advanced warm-ups and ditties.

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